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We advice organizations and enable them to reach their goals.

We provide knowledge and help on HR and leadership for your organization.

We understand your business, your ideas and and build a strong groundwork.

We have a holistic view on organizations when creating your strategy or vision.


We observe, analyze and help you all the way.

Case 1

Two departments didn’t collaborate well according to the top management. There was some sort of daily conflict. After analysis, workshop and interviews we could tell the top management, that there was no conflict. The less collaboration emerged because every time there was a problem management introduced new processes and forms – and never changed them, when the process turned old. This made every leader make different priorities on what forms to fill out and thereby giving conflicts – and that seemed like they didn’t collaborate. Less forms and letting the departments themselves agree on the processes solved the problem – and gave less work to the top management.

Case 2

An employee didn’t perform and always used more hours than agreed with the client. A manager had several conversations with the employee, but there was no change. Top level management and HR was involved in building a case against the employee- getting ready to fire him if necessary. We analyzed the employees behavior and intrinsic drivers and told the manager what type of leadership and tasks this called for. A small organizational change and the employee was now high performing. (By the way: we used LEGO’s for that session).

Only 30 % succesful projects
Only 30 % of all projects are succesful and reaches their goal. We know how to change that. Do you?
48 % quits because of their leader
48 % of all employees quit their job because of their leader. Why did you leave? The next 20 % leaves because of lack of development and challenges.

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