E360° Freelance

Career clarification and career development for freelance consultants

E360° Freelance is for independent consultants who want to take responsibility for their own career and future

  • Are you already, or are you going to be self-employed?
  • Have you been self-employed for several years?
  • Do you want to make a change in your career?
  • Do you have too many abilities?
  • How good are you, and at what?

You will get the opportunity of advice, coaching and sparring from other consultants.

You will get a career plan, a competency test, a personality test and a benchmark.

We use the tests that are also used by most Fortune 500 companies.

When you are on a contract, your education often reaches a standstill and there is not always time to draw the broad strokes. We help bring the focus to your development, abilities and opportunities.

We cooperate with several agencies, including Zenit Consult, but you are welcome to contact us directly.

Coaching Karriere Rådgivning

Package 1

Direction and goal

Become focused on your areas of success, clarify your goals and get concrete actions to proceed.

Coaching and counselling is carried out by advisors with an ICF Accredited Coaching education.

  • You will have meetings with a focus on coaching and counselling
  • You will gain clarification regarding specific topics for your development
  • You will gain perspective and an overview of your career and your goals

Package 1 gives you directions and goals. You buy hours based on your needs regarding the topics you’d like for us to cover. The first session is 1.5 hours. Package 1 can later be converted to Package 2 or 3.

Karriere Coaching og rådgivning

Pakke 2

Overview and clarification

You will receive counselling, complete a competency test and get a development plan.

You will go through a proven process of analysing your career as well as testing your skills, also used by Fortune 500 companies to uncover performance and development.

  • You will get a plan for your personal development
  • Your skills will be tested according to international standards
  • You will receive meetings with coaching and counselling
  • You will gain an overview of your career and abilities

Package 2 provides you with perspective and clarification. You buy the entire package as a course that is concluded with a development plan. Package 2 can be converted to Package 3.

Samtale Karriere Coaching Rådgivning Freelance

Package 3

Development, planning and follow-up.

Will you be doing the same thing for 20 years? If yes, how do you develop your skills? Through our work, we grow and evolve continuously. With a development plan you make the process a conscious one, and you can make clear decisions and be aware of your own development – even when you face conflicts and frustrations.

With Package 3 you get it all

    • Plan for your development and career.
    • Test your skills
    • Coaching and counselling
    • Use of Competency Compass ©
    • Verification test of your abilities
    • Subject-specific test, for e.g. developers
    • Follow-up meetings to ensure your progress.

    Package 3 is the entire package in a longer course with a follow-up.

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Agencies we currently collaborate with

Zenit Consult
Career and Development
Zenit Consult
Zenit Consult has partnered with Elkan to offer courses for Zenit’s consultants. For Zenit, it is important that consultants are offered development.

Your agency here?

We provide a free coaching session if you provide a meeting with your agency. We believe that we have some excellent points, and our goal is to spread support to freelance consultants so they can get encouragement, advice and development.

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